Into the Blue

Community consulation, exhibition design, project management


Designer at
Freeman Ryan Design

Blue Mountains City Council

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre,


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Into the Blue invites the viewer into the natural and cultural landscape of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. The permanent installation responds to the richness and beauty of the area through immersive film and soundscapes, which are at once visually awe inspiring and deeply layered in history.

The exhibition is a fusion of installation and exhibition design, where state of the art digital technology and traditional exhibition storytelling techniques are combined. The oral histories, detailed stories, imagery and sound, were interlaced and developed with the spatial design, creating a coherent experience, which allows the visitor to reflect on the natural and social fabric of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

The space is dominated by film sequences of the changing Blue Mountains landscape. Surrounding the walls and ceiling, the content comprises of a play of visuals, light and soundscapes reflective of aspects of the Blue Mountains’ geography, evoking a sense similar to being in the bush itself.

Exhibition content and inspiration for the spatial design was generated from six months of community consultation. Over 40 meetings and workshops were held to discuss and share themes, stories, resources and ideas.

The project employed a multi-disciplinary and collaborative team of designers of graphics, lighting, cinematography and the multimedia company Lightwell. Researchers, writers, programmers and technicians were also engaged.

The project won a High Commendation, Installation Design award at the Australian Interior Design Awards, 2013.

Australian Interior Design Awards

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