CSI Ultimo

Urban Science Adventure



Serious Games Lab

Ultimo Science Festival

Janine Cahill
Michelle Vandermeer
Rachel Beaney
Jana Wunderlich






CSI (Creative Science Investigation) Ultimo was an urban adventure through the streets and buildings around Ultimo as part of the 4th Ultimo Science Festival. Participants uncovered scientific clues and collected technological data that ultimately lead to the answer behind one of the world’s greatest science projects ever ventured - the Square Kilometre Array, the largest and most capable radio telescope ever constructed.

This game was played in 2009, some years before it was announced that Australia and South Africa will each host components of the SKA telescope on 25 May 2012. It was designed not only to excite the public about the project, but to also encourage attendees to explore the festival’s themes. The game was designed to lead participants through the spaces of the Ultimo Science Festival including ABC Building, TAFE, UTS, and finally the Powerhouse Museum where children made their own radio dish to add to the “mini array”.