Branding, photography, illustration, design and handmade

As a mother with a baby daughter that suffered from reflux, I found that there was no comfortable vest bibs on the market. So I decided to design and make my own. After trial and error, testing, washing and wearing - the Bibolo was born.

I’m a one-man-band. I design and create everything – from the logo to the photography, form the website to the swing tags, from the original bibolo pattern to making each bib.


Unique, original and hand made, the Bibolo Bib is perfect for the baby who is an expressive eater, a muddy explorer, a gooey dribbler or a reflex burper.

Bibolos are comfortable, absorbent and practical while being quirky and full of personality. Designed to be worn everyday, the bibs prevent clothes and skin from becoming damp from spills and burp-ups. In older babies they are comfortable to crawl and play in while still protecting their clothes at mealtime.

Different from other bibs, Bibolos sit snug on a baby’s chest, high under the chin, with shoulder and back press studs that prevent the bib from flapping or turning around. Completely reversible, the Bibolo Bib doubles as an item of clothing.